24 October 12

Posted at 10:03

It's been hectic recently so I've been a bit lapse on the photoblog front. What with preparing for this weeks Public Private exhibition - private view 25th October 6pm - 9pm, you are invited, and also with Uni redaing and projects, it's been mad. So today's photos are something different. Six images that I have submitted for a project at Uni. The idea was to shoot six film stills using flash lighting. My six are from a 'film' titled Missing. My aim was to have a narrative in each image and across the series. On the face of it a simple project but there was very little time to complete it and, as a I soon discovered, more than one reshoot was required for each image!

I won't add any text - I'll just allow you to construct your own story. Enjoy.



missing 1


missing 2


missing 3


missing 4


missing 5


missing 6


Thanks to my family for being subjects and for their patience.