Foden and Sentinel at the Steam Rally

18 February 14

Posted at 12:01

Every year between Christmas and New Year local steam enthusiasts do a tour of pubs in villages and towns local to where I live. The day is co-ordinated by John Saunders from Stotfold. The Saunders family are famous for their enthusiasm for steam preservation. John intends to open a Steam museum in the near future. So early one bright, cold December morning last year, after being woken up by passing steam engines shaking my house, I ventured out to take a look.

Today having spent a couple of hours reading, and trying to understand, George Baker's 'Photography's Expanded Field' (essential redaing for tomorrow's lecture!) I spent a few idle moments seeking out photographers on Twitter. I came across  J.M.Leclercq . J.M. does a lot of HDR, something I know very little about. I thought I would have a little play with HDR as something of a respite from Baker and his Expanded Field. What better to experiment with than some images from the Steam Rally.

The Passenger Bus

The Sentinel Steam Passenger Bus complete with passengers and Mr John Saunders at the wheel.

Foden Steam Lorry

On the opposite side of the road a Foden Steam Lorry pulls up.

It's probably time for a little more reading, perhaps about steam engines but more likely about HDR processsing.


Fields of Rape

09 May 12

Posted at 12:41

Another photoblog from the area around my home. At this time of year across much of the UK the fields are an unatural yellow due to farmers growing rapeseed. The crop is now prolfic, I believe due to EU subsidies. At this time the crops are in flower and present some good photo opportunities. The only problem is at present the south of the country is in a depression (climate as well as economic). It has been raining endlessly and most days have been grey - not ideal for capturing the field of rape. Last Monday, a public holiday so naturally wet and cold! I decided come what may I would wander across the fields and take some pics. The 'weather God' must have noticed as for a brief period the clouds opened up and a little sunlight peered though.

Rapeseed 1

The image above is looking West from the infamous Blue Lagoon.

Below is looking North back towards Arlesey.


Another shot from a lower viewpoint.

Rapeseed 3

and a final shot shortly before the heavens opened up and I trudged off home!

Rapeseed 4

Hopefuly before the flowers have died we will see some settled weather!!