28 July 14

Posted at 10:31

Tarifa 1

Tarifa is the southern most point in Europe, just 15km away from Morocco across the Straight of Gibraltar. It is the point also where the Med meets the Atlantic.

Tarifa to Tanger

It is a gateway from Europe to Africa with ferries going to and fro regularly.

Tarifa Street

It's not exactly a Pueblo Blanco like the towns I've mentioned previously but I guess it once was. The historic quarter is somewhat dwarfed by understandable development to cater for holiday makers and some industry. Having said that the development is sympathetic, not high rise and so far not excessive.

Tarifa Street 2

We spent a few days there staying a couple of kilometres out of town at Cortijo El Pozuelo.

The Garden

Cortijo El Pozuelo is a haven. Set amongst a group of smallholdings on the edge of the beach this one has been converted to a bed and breakfast with a difference check it out  cortijoelpozuelo

Tarifa and the area around Cortijo El Pozuelo in particular is a centre for kite surfing

Cortijo El Pozuelo

When the Levante blows the skies are filled with kites on the end of which are surfers of every level from novice to expert

Kite Surfing 3


Kite Surfing 1


Kite Surfing 2

From Cortijo El Pozuelo there is a boardwalk that runs all the way alongside a stretch of magnificant beach to Tarifa and they even provide you with bikes as a B&B service

Tarifa to Morocco

Here you can see Tarifa, it's lighthouse and in the background Morocco.

The Beach


Morocco Sunset

Above a view from further up the coast at La Duna, the setting sun picking out the Mountains of Morocco.

below La Duna earlier that evening.

La Duna


Oranges and Lemons