01 August 14

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As you probably know I'm fascinated by street art, the culture and it's evolution. I often photograph street art, have published a book of a project about Stik and I have exhibited works derived from photographs of street art. Yesterday an infamous street artist, King Robbo passed away. He had been ill for a long time in fact since he had a fall in 2011 and was subsequently in a coma for many months, he never recovered. Channel 4 ran a documentary on the so called 'wars' between Robbo and Banksy in 2011. The two images below are from 2010 when the 'wars' were, I guess, at their height.

Banksy Robbo Archway

Originally Banksy's 'Anywhere' at Archway from 2004 this is it after a team Robbo visit in March 2010

Robbo in Camden

Another another Banksy after a team Robbo visit. This one in Camden in May 2010.

RIP King Robbo


London Street Art

15 June 12

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One of my current projects is on street artist Stik. I am aiming to record all of his existing street art before more disappears. As a result I am spending a lot of time trudging round the East End. I don't plan to post any of the project until it's complete but walking the streets of London it's not esy to ignore other street art. So not surprisingly I am capturing some of that as well. I keep a record of the work as it is seen in the street, a photographic record of the piece in situ. I also create my own version of the image, perhaps removing unsightly objects (cctv cameras, air conditioning units, other street artist's abuse and stickers etc.)

First image is by an artist, David Shillinglaw. David is not a traditional 'street artist' he is an artist and will paint on just about anything anywhere. He's a sound bloke as well!

Shillinglaw Street

Shillinglaw Street Art

David designed the sleeve for The Travelling Band's album Screaming is Something. Check them out here  you will no doubt recognise the style. Last year I shot the opening night of one of David's exhibitions in Brick Lane which is also where you can see this piece. Check out the images here

Next one of ROA's animals - a rabbit in Hackney road at the junction with Weymouth street. ROA's images are instantly recognisable, they are really large and striking. ROA is a street artist from Ghent in Belgium. His works can be found around the globe. There are many in London.

Roa Rabbit

I posted a shot of one in a blog  last January at Rivington Studios - I believe it's gone now.

Here is another ROA, a crane in Brick Lane

ROA Crane


This is my favourite of the week. It's in Cremer Street and I only came across it as I was looking for a Stik in the same street. It's by Cept, a London street artist. Originally there was what has been described as a classic Cept on this wall. Hackney council received compliants about it so demanded the wall's owners remove it. The cost would have been £5000 so the owners asked Cept to paint a new piece over the top of it. Seems a bit of a nonsense to me but I do like this piece and may even do a canvass of it.

Love Will Tear Us Apart

Old Street is a mass of graffiti forever changing especially at the junction with Great Eastern Street. Here is the latest offering with a message for the Queen. Check out ourbarebones

OLd Street Jubilee


Last of all Banksey's latest which I shot a few weeks ago. It's near Turnpike Lane tube station. I shot this less than 48 hours after he painted it but already it had been covered with a perspex screen, hence the bit of reflection. I guess it's better than Robbo just obliterating the work.

Banksy's Jubilee Offering

Banksy Jubilee