Lebanese Festival Day 2014

23 June 14

Posted at 5:53

The fourth Lebanese Festival Day was held yesterday (22nd June) at Paddington Green, London. I went there to capture some images for my ongoing Edgware Road Project.

Balloon Flag

Lebanese Ballon Flag

No sooner had I arrived there and was taking this photograph (at the main entrance) than a couple of burly security men advised me "you are not coming in here with 'that' (pointing to my camera), you can't use that to take photographs here". I was irked by that statement for many reasons but I bit my lip and chose not to recite my rights. Instead I expressed my concern as I had travelled a long way in order to photograph the vent as it was part of a major project blah, blah, blah. I was advised a I needed a press pass. Within ten minutes and much flashing of my University student pass I was the proud wearer of a press pass wristband and I was in. The organisers were to be fair really helpful and the job's worth security blokes were only doing their jobs after all.

The Fight

This game proved popular with boys and girls all day long.

Also popular from start to finish was the food stalls. Very nice the offerings were too.

Chicken Kebab

Chicken Kebab

At two o clock the event was formally opened. Special guest was Audrey Lewis the Lady Lord Mayor of Westminster

Audrey Lewis - Lord Mayor of Westminster

Audrey Lewis

I have to say after such a wonderful introduction and an informative speech by the organisers explaining how for so many Lebanese London was their place of birth but Lebanon their cultural home. This festival an effort to both retain the Lebanese Culture and to share it with other Londoners in what is now their adopted and much loved home. (We even had a rendition of God Save the Queen to kick events off). Well, Aud, the Lady Lord Mayor I'm afraid let the side down somewhat, she could have said so many positive things about thefamily atmosphere, the dancing, the food, the backgammon tournament even the hookah pipes but no,  she said she had 'noticed some interesting smells around the place'! Her intent was fine it's just that she couldn't find the words to articulate her sentiment. Anyway I think that was the case although she was directly above a group of young men who had been energetically dancing for the last hour so who knows. Anyway she was brief and that meant the party could commence.

Smoking the Hookah on Paddington Green

Well after a little smoke of course.

Lebanese Dancing Men

The men were soon back into it with some gusto.

I Am Lebanese

While the ladies enjoyed a calmer shuffle.

Backgammon Man

And upon the hill the serious matter of the backgammon tournament.

Lebanese Dancing


New Look Website

18 June 14

Posted at 7:01

It's been a while since I blogged and a while since I used my website. That's mainly due to developing a different site for a module at university and blogging on my Tumblr site for the same purpose. So I've spent a few hours correcting some issues with my DPG site and a few minutes ago switched it live. Very similar to the old site and many of the same images - an incentive to get shooting and to blog more frequently. Still need some improvements and may have to go to my NZ developer friend for assistance. In the mean time enjoy and contsructive criticism welcome.


From my current Egdware Road Project