Kill It Kid

27 March 12

Posted at 12:23

Kill It Kid #4

I've been waiting since last September to see Kill It Kid live again. They've been touring Europe of late and have just three UK gigs lined up. Manchester, Bath (their home town) and last night at The Borderline, London.

I first heard of KIK when I shot them at Lodestar Festival . What a joy it was to discover them. Raw blues live at it's very best. I read a review of their Manchester gig this week which quite rightly rated them highly but complained that they should relax and enjoy themselves on stage. Last night they enjoyed themselves visibly. Playing to a full house at The Borderline they went down a storm. Chris Turpin, who fronts the band with Stephanie Ward, mentioned two names during the set which say it all about their musical influencess - Blind Lemon Jefferson and Woody Guthrie. Kill It Kid's live performance gives them every right to associate themselves with such musical legends. Take a look at the set of images below and check out their music here  and here . But best of all catch them live if you can.

Kill It Kid - Chris Turpin - The Borderline


Kill It Kid #6




Kill It Kid #3


Kill It Kid #2


Stephanie Ward - Kill It Kid THe Borderline


Kill It Kid #1


Chris Turpin - Kill It Kid The Borderline


Kings Cross Station - The New Concourse

20 March 12

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Kings Cross Concourse One

On Monday 19th March 2012 the new Western Concourse at Kings Cross Station, London opened. I popped down to get a few images of what will no doubt be another popular photo spot in London. This is just the begining, the whole complex will not be completed until September 2013. This is the view from the balcony from the Southern end.

Here's a view from the opposite end, again on the balcony. 

Kings Cross Concourse Two

If you are thinking of taking photographs here be warned. Similar to my previous blog on the subject 'jobsworths' are also employed by Network Rail. I was approached soon after I arrived and advised I could not use a tripod. I asked to see the written regulation on this matter and the official went away muttering about getting the supervisor. Fifiteen minutes later just after I'd taken this shot (using a tripod) two officials, one with a clipboard, approached. They brought an officer of the law with them (I guess because I was armed with a tripod) but he remained in the background as I did not become violent. I won't bore you with the details of what followed but suffice to say flash is fobidden and if you wish to use a tripod you must apply for a permit in advance. Oh, and of course if in the opinion of officials your equipment 'looks expensive' you will be hassled and under suspicion from the moment you arrive! Best just take your iPhone to be safe.

Anyway back to the new concourse and a view on the ground floor at platform level (they are behind me here).

Kings Cross Concourse Three

Now a couple of fun images, another view at ground level - Technicolor Process 4

Kings Cross Concourse Four


and finally looking up...

  Kings Cross Concourse Five

See more about the concourse opening  here