Colour Run

25 July 18

Posted at 8:49

After nearly a year without a blog post I have finally made my website mobile/tablet friendly. I hear you sigh, I know it is inexcusable. I've sort of been concentrating on my Project 28 website and have neglected this my main site. So be it and here I am with a new mobile friendly site and a new blog posy.

You are probably aware that I seem to spend most of my time using my photography skills for one charity or another. That has not changed. Last weekend a friend roped me into shooting a colour run fundraising event for Letchworth Garden City Hospice. I jumped at the chance as a few days before I had attended a funeral where the deceased family could not praise the people at Garden City Hospice enough. I won't go into detail but it left me in awe of how a charity can have so mch of a positive lasting effect on a family in crisis.

So I duly turned up and chose to man the 'pink station'.

In the Pink

This is the objective of the fundraisers running a 2km circuit twice and subjecting themselves to colour and foam stations on the way round. They make a donation for the privilege!

Thumbs Up

Some have an alternative objective to avoid as much colour as possible - this competitor emerges from the pink station unscathed.

Warm up


Before the start some of the youngsters take the warm up seriously - others remain as stiff as a board.

Pink Splash

An action shot of entering the pink station.


Perhaps my favourite image from the day.

Blue Volunteers

Volunteers returning from the blue station.

The day could not run without numerous volunteers and a hell of a lot of organisation. It was a family fun day and most importantly raised funds for an unbelievable charity.

Garden City Hospice