Wembley Stadium

21 February 15

Posted at 2:32

Wembly Park tube station is just two stops on the Metropolitan Line from my campus (Northwick Park) so I go past the stadium when travelling to and from Uni. I've often thought I should take a stroll around the stadium when there is nothing on. Usually I only visit Wembley for an Arsenal match, prior to last year something that has been rare since the new stadium opened, or to a gig. So yesterday with a couple of hours to kill I went and took a look.

First Sight

This is the first sight of the stadium as you emerge from Wembley Park Station. Not the first time a 'bus has been parked at Wembley'.

Wembley Lights

I walked to the stadium from Harrow (further than I thought) so coming in from the west this is the first image that caught my eye.

Car Park

Next was the multi storey car park which is hidden behind Meccano like sheet of metal that have too much of a resemblance to Manchester United's colurs for my liking.

Wembley Stadium 1

The famous arch which is impressive from a distance is something different close up. The old Wembley stadium was demolished in 2003 and the new one opened in 2007.

Hello Wembley

It is all a bit ghostly when there are no events on but a good opportunity to observe aspects you would miss completely on a match day,

London Designer

both inside the stadium and outside.

Five a Side

I was pleased to see a majority of the 5 a side players had Arsenal shirts on.

Gate E

Gate E at the other end of the arch.

This Way

Direction signage looks somewhat over the top but necessary on Cup Final day.

Main Entrance

The main entrance.

Bobby Moore Entrance

and above it the Bobby Moore statue and entrance.

Booby Moore

And here is a close up of the statue.

Wembley Way

Here is Sir Bobby's view of Wembley Way.

At Wembley

The view of the stadium approaching from Wembley Way.


Free Running

18 February 15

Posted at 7:20

For the last few months I have been absorbed with research, dissertation writing, then more research for my Major Project. Add to that life outside of study and it has been somewhat hectic. Hence no blogging. Although the next few moths are also hectic I will be finding far more time with camera in hand. That camera now is more than likely to be a Nikon D810. I recently sold my old and trusty D700 and my D800 and purchased a D810. You may ask why when I had a D800. Well I bought the D800 as soon as it was first released and although I sent it back to Nikon to update after the initial new product teething problems I never felt comfortable with it. So now the D810 is out there, launched, tried and tested, I've upgraded to one.

Today I paid a visit to Book Works to finalise some details for a book I hope to publish in May then after a visit to an exhibition in Peckham I strolled around camera in hand. I came across a bunch of lads near Waterloo Bridge who were Free Running. They were OK with me taking some photos so below are a couple. If you see this post lads message me and I send you some images - I have a few.

Freerunning 1


Freerunning 2


Freerunning 3


Freerunning 4