Arles and Nimes

22 August 14

Posted at 10:46

I've just returned from a whirlwind trip to Rencontres Arles. Spent three days in Arles visiting 19 galleries and generally soaking up the atomosphere bookended by stay overs in Nimes. We chose Nimes as we really like it there but also it can be reached by train from my village in Bedfordshire in just 8 hours with two quick changes. Nimes is a short journey from Arles so it worked well.

Arenas Nimes

The Roman Arenas at Nimes. The last ime I was here it was to see radiohead play in the Arenas on the In Rainbows tour - what an experince that was.

Communiste Francais Arles

On to Arles - is this a communist activist harrassing an elderly lady on a bike? 

Vik Muniz Album

The main aim of visiting Rencontres was for inspiration and education relating to my photography. This is what inspired me most of all. The work of Vik Muniz. His series Album is amazing. massive montages created from literally hunderds, possibly thousands of photographs. The works are created manually  (as opposed to using software) the finished work is then photographed. This image does no justice to the work unfortunately.

Art Through the Door

Patrick Swirc and Vincent Perez have exhibitions in the Abbaye de Montmajor - an awesome building 5 kms out of town. I wonder how many visitors make the effort to see this one? We hired bikes and cycled there - well worth the effort.

Patrick Swirc Abbaye De Montmajor

Patrick Swirc Don't Move

Arenas d'Arles Gardians Carmargue

While in Arles we took the opportunity to see a display of Carmargue Guardians horsemanship and sharing their culture.

The Chase

It was an hour or so well spent - quite a spectacle


Not a Bull fight more of a Boy fight as in this event the bull had the upperhand!

Abbaye De Montmajor

Abbaye de Montmajor