Thirty Seven Days On North Island 8

25 January 20

Posted at 7:16

Today, 25th January 2020, we left Clive, with some sadness, to head West from the Pacific across to Wanganui on the Tasman Sea coast, the South Taranaki Bight to be precise. We are going to spend three nights on a farm stay east of the town on the edge of a national park. The 250km journey was uneventful, started at Bay Coffee for eggs benedict Hastings style (hash browns instead of sourdough) and then off we set. As in the UK travelling East to West is not as straightforward as North to South so we had to sort of head South and then North instead of straight across. The reason, a mountain range, became apparent as we travelled.


We were looking forward to a few days on a rural farm but I must admit that the photos we had seen led me to envisage a rustic kind of run down cottage saved by the fact it was in an interesting environment. The people who own the farm, who we have not met yet as they are on holiday (is that allowed for farmers?) emigrated here from England about twenty years ago (so I expect Marilyn will be on my case!!). We decided to come straight to the farm before going to town for supplies assuming we should check out the ‘facilities’. Mind you its only a fifteen minute drive to town.


On arrival it was clear which building was ours, we approached with a little trepidation. A friendly ginger cat greeted us, the chooks cackled hello and a couple of magnificent silver guinea fowl ran to greet us. The front door is a ‘stable door’ which immediately gives a farmy impression. Through it is the kitchen and then to my amazement and delight the cottage opened up to us. It is so nice I immediately wished we had more than three nights here. Best I show you the pics.

KitchenThe Kitchen

Lounge DinerLounge Diner

BathroomThe Bathroom


BedroomThe Bedroom

Evening DeckThe Bedroom Deck and View

BBQ DeckMain Deck and BBQ

Deck and ViewView from Main deck

I’m sure the pics don’t even do it justice but as I sit here on the deck, a couple of miniature hefers and some alpacas under the tree within a stones throw, the birds singing their evensong and rolling hills and trees in the background, wine in hand, its heaven!


So it’s a short blog this evening as I want to enjoy the sundown, I’ll leave you with a pic of our alpacas.