Thirty Seven Days On North Island 11

03 February 20

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Well we are having so much fun and so much to do it’s difficult to fit the blog and photos in!!


We are now in Bay of Islands in what is known as Northlands. We’ve been here three days and tomorrow drive two hours further to Coopers Beach in the Far North. We have been staying in a Bach close to Russell. It is a quirky house built on many levels and with multiple doors, its own little beach and has the most brilliant views across the bay. It’s all really about boating and sailing here and the house actually feels like a boat.Sunset from the DeckSunset View from Fern Cottage


This is the area that Captain Cook was the first European to visit NZ. It is also the area of the original capital of the country and also where you find the treaty grounds where the Independence treaty was signed. Next Thursday, 6th, there is a big festival at the Treaty Grounds commemorating the signing. We may come back down for it.


To get here there is a short ferry ride which saves a long and windy route around the coast. Russell is a sweet town, preferable to Piahia across the bay and nearer the Treaty Grounds. It is easy just to idle away the time watching the boats, visiting little beaches etc. but today we took a boat trip around some of the islands and included the ‘world famous’ hole in the rock.

Hole in the RockHole In The Rock

It was a great way to appreciate why it’s known as Bay of Islands and an interesting view of life and nature here.Russell FerryThe Russell Ferry runs every 10 minutes each way


This morning we walked up Flag Staff which is famous in that when the Waitangi treaty was signed bringing together the Maoris and the British. The story of what transpired with the Flag staff between 1840 and 1857, with one party of the agreement continually breaking their word and cutting the staff down is somewhat like a pre run of Brexit – there are so many similarities. On a positive note ultimately there was a coming together and unity which has now lasted over 150 years.Sail ShipSailing Ships everywhere here

We move on again tomorrow, just two hours further North, yet again we have no real desire to move on, just like all our previous stays we could do with a few more days. It is becoming clear that thirty seven days is nowhere near long enough!

Russell at SundownRussell





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